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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  December 10, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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"eyewitness news" this morning begins with breaking news a woman is hit, killed and new police are searching for hit and run driver, coming up whom police believe they are looking for. plus, after the snow it is time to clean the car and that sidewalk, the driveway tie, a warning before you head outdoor morning. and game day in l.a., a lot of fans wearing eagles green out west for a game during which the bird can clinch the division. today is sunday december 10th good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao, lot to cover today but first the forecast here's meteorologist
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chelsea ingram with eyewitness weather. i had to watch my first step heading outside this morning. >> a lot of the video, that was all ice, lot of ice especially on secondary roads, bridges, overpasses, be careful with that. we have primary road that look okay and it was okay on may drive-in but there were definitely spots that were slippery so beware, heading out this morning, just walking out your door. lets go live, to a live neighborhood network. we are looking at a beautiful soon, beard walk plaza, look at snow, covering the board knowledges, snow covering the san, calm ocean at the sun beginning to rise, this sunday morning. just beautiful there but chilly. 29 degrees in philadelphia we are in the upper 20's in millville, down the shore in the 30's. thirty atlantic city, chilly spot would be mount pocono at 18 but it feels even colder when you factor in the winds.
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it feels like the single digits in mount pocono, also in allentown, feels more like 19 in center city, feels like 18 in wilmington. throughout the day-to-day we will see temperatures moderating up to 36 by noon time but with the wind it will feel more like 20's and 30's out there by 3:00 we will top out right at 40 degrees but otherwise i'm tracking the coldest air of the season, so far, today, wind chills in the 20's and 30's. we will talk about when that cold air arrives and your full forecast, for now, jan, back to you. 7:02 we will continue to follow breaking news out of philadelphia, officers are investigating a deadly hit/run "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh live at philadelphia police headquarters this morning, anita, bring us up to date. police say victim in the hit and run is in their 20's but they are withholding her name at this hour. as you can see police were on the scene investigating this deadly hit and run overnight.
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it happened near frankford avenue and elkhart street in the kensington section of the city. police are looking for an older model silver ford f150 and they are looking for surveillance video in the area trying to get a better picture of this suspect, this driver who fled this scene after this deadly hit a run, and again, that the hour what we know is victim in the hit and run is in her 20's. police where holding her name though at this hour and, of course, we will bring you up to date as we learn new details but for now live, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, anita. new this morning a man is dead after an overnight shooting that happened around 12:30 in the 1200 block of mcgreevey street in oxford circle. no word on what may have motivated this shooting or on a description of a possible suspect. well, we are still more than a week away from the official start of winter but we have already been treated to an early taste of snow. "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves shows us snowy
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scene throughout the delaware valley. >> reporter: first snowfall of the season has hit our region and it is surprising for some to see these flakes in the area so soon. >> normally like 60 or 70 in the first two weeks of december. maybe last week of december in january it might hit 19 degrees, 30 degrees but now it is like full-fledged earl any december. >> reporter: it has been a while since we have seen snow this early in december but this snowfall kept people like chris james busy as he work on the outdoor shops near the ice rink in front of the city hall in philadelphia. >> opening up it will be kind of slow but actually, it picked up fast. it should help business because it add effect to the winter wonderland kind of thing. >> reporter: this snow it seems is a welcomed sight for many. >> i'm super excited like one to 10, 50,000 because it is just, it gets you in the holiday spirit. >> reporter: but not all are as excited. >> not really, but you got to
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take what you get, right. >> reporter: almost all of the region so snow, thick blanket covered all parts of the south injuries friday ocean city toy haddonfield, and many parts of the pennsylvania, from swart more to center city philadelphia when are a fan of the snow or not if you are going to drive outside in it, be careful. >> it is kind of slick out there, the snow isn't sticking but it is about, you know, getting ready to pile up, so it is not going to be very good for the cars. >> reporter: that last bit of advice is important even with the snow tapering off or stopping all together, remember the roads can still have black ice on them or even that slushy snow but a quarter inch of that or half inch easily moves a 2-ton vehicle off the road so be careful and drive slow. in haddonfield, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, no snow here, many mens of the eagles nation are
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in los angeles for this afternoon's battle against the rams, the bird are looking to rebound from last sunday's loss to seattle and plenty of fans want to see it in person. sports director don bell joins news santa monica where he had in problem at all finding folks rooting for philadelphia >> reporter: when the scheduled came out in the off season eagles fans were chomp ing at the opportunity to come out here in l.a. in december to support their team as they take on the rams. and they have definitely out done themselves. this is a look at the santa monica pier and the beach here in santa monica,'s fans really taking over this place with jerseys, t-shirts, hats, they were chanting, all the way up and down the shoreline here. i met fans from all over the world from mexico, and canada. >> i came with my wentz jersey and everyone is like go bird, go eagles, all you see, fly eagles fly, it has been
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amazing. >> reporter: i don't know if you heard but it is kinda snowing. >> we heard, video and pictures and everything. >> reporter: are you feeling bad for people. >> no, it is 80 degrees here beautiful here. >> not many true rams fans here. a lot of people jumped on the band wagon but not diehard like we have seen back home. >> if i have to part the sea to make us win, i will. >> i feel like eagles fans will take over that stadium. >> angelo is here. we travel very well. we love our eagles. win or lose we love them, eagles. >> reporter: did you say lose. >> i'm not going to say lose, either way we will win. >> reporter: what will happen tomorrow. >> thirty-one-14, eagles. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: as you know the game's on fox and fox pregame she will be live at the coliseum. what they have done is they have put out a casting call to ask rams fans to show up in force and show out here because the presence of the bird has been just too much,
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and they want to kind of tone down philadelphia influence. in santa monica i'm didn't done belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness news". is there nothing like an eagles chant at 7:08 a.m. army fans are celebrating after their win over navy. they have played in the snow yesterday at the linc. lets take a look. to the sending quarter now army up by four, navy with the ball, malcolm perry gets the ball through the army defense and goes, 38-yard for the touchdown. mid shipmen take the lead. fourth quarter army quarterback ahmed brad shaw fights his way in the end zone there and black knights regain the lead. three to go, navy lead a 48- yard field goal to win, and , he misses it. army beats navy 14-13 but before the game fans talk about what makes this match up such a big deal and natasha brown has that story. >> reporter: players were pumped up between the match up
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between army/navy at lincoln financial field. they stepped into 30-degree temperatures and on to a field blanketed by snow. the teams, fans seem unphased by this dose of winter. >> go navy. >> reporter: snowblowers work overtime to keep field clear as this storied rivalry played out on the grid iron, mid ship men verse cadets each side bringing their own legion of loyal fans. >> i don't think is there anything like it. i'm a college football fan and aim biased but there is not anything as special as army/ navy match up every year. >> reporter: tailgate party started long before the action on the field, uniform, military fly overs, signalled that this was no ordinary game , no ordinary players, as both side, in the end, win or lose, played for the same team , team u.s.a. >> these folks were not going to go play, pro athletics when they get out of the school, they will go, professional arms with brothers and sisters all together but to be able to match up on this field especially in philadelphia where it is, where the game
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belongs and it is just a great match up, very exciting. >> reporter: natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pretty cool sight too with that snow. army/navy game taking place at the linc for four out of the next five years as well. still much more to come on "eyewitness news", this sunday morning, president trump helped dedicate a civil rights museum but his visit lead to a bye cot as well. we will show you. fire fighters make progress in the battle against wild fires in southern california, what is helping them as they fight those flames. snow gone but chill sticking around, how long will it last? chelsea ingram's weather forecast is just minutes
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back on "eyewitness news" president trump praises leaders of the civil rights movement. he appeared at a new museum in jackson, mississippi while protests were underway outside , the president took a private tour of the exhibit that record oppression, struggles of african americans while there he asked americans to take inspiration from the civil rights era. >> we want our country to be a place wherever child from every background can grow up free, from fear, innocent of hatred, and surrounded by love , opportunity and hope. >> today what we are doggies standing on principal. we're standing in the accord
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with what the ideals of this civil rights movement means. that is why we choose not to share a stage with donald trump. >> civil rights icon congressman john lewis and mississippi congressman bennie thompson boycotted this event, they said in a joint statement quote president trump's attendance and hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in the civil rights museum. well, calmer winds are helping fire fighters get several wild fires under control in southern california fire fighters worked to stop flames by air yesterday, authorities say that now the wild fires burning in southern california have destroyed more than 800 homes and other businesses, and buildings, six fires, driven by gusty santa ana wind are torched rural community from ventura county north of los angeles south to san diego county, one person has been killed since the fires started a week ago. >> whenever they put people
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back in, i think i would rather in the see their reaction to what has happened to their place. >> it looks like a war zone and it is just so sad for the neighborhood. >> officials say four of the wild fires are 50 percent contained. california governor jerry brown will talk more about climate change and wild fires on 60 minutes, that is tonight at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. back here at home now looking at our forecast snow's gone but cold is sticking around. >> look at these temperatures, jan, 29 degrees right now in philadelphia taking a live look at center city. a very winter-like scene that white snow still on the ground there off in the distance certainly looking like winter as we start out your sunday morning. speaking of center city and philadelphia we have received around 4.1 inches of snow yesterday and that sets a new daily record, max snowfall
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that beats old record just under 3 inches setback in 1942 but a new record snowfall for the day in philadelphia, yesterday. other impressive totals as well in reading just under 7 inches fell yesterday, 5 inches in cherry hill, five in west cape may, 4.2 in wilmington and hockessin under 3 inches of snow fell. with that snow still on the ground, slushy spots, that formed yesterday, that likely refroze last night so we will be dealing with some morning slick spots on the roadway especially on the bridge, overpass, they are more expos ed to the chilly air we have in the region this morning. also on the sidewalks be careful walking outside your front door. chilly afternoon, wind chills in the 20's and 30's all day. as our high temperature rises to 40 degrees and we will get ample sunshine that should help with the melting out there 29 degrees right now in philadelphia, 30 in atlantic city, 33 down short in wildwood. we are in the teens in
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allentown and mount pocono but feels even colder then that when we factor in the wind chill. it feels like single digits in the lehigh valley and poconos, 19 in philadelphia, it feels more like 20 degrees for folks living in millville. storm scan three shows us a quiet picture in the tri-state area to the north and west. lake effect ongoing snow showers, we can see passing snow showers moving through the poconos today but otherwise a quiet day, dealing with sunshine as well, passing flurry as we head into monday morning but otherwise, we will deal with cloud, leading in overnight hours tonight and then by tuesday morning we are watching another system this could bring us a couple rain, and snow showers as we are starting out your tuesday, we will keep an eye on that but behind the system the real head line is that we are going to see an arctic blast of air heading our way with the big dip in the jet stream bull downstreamly cold air. it will be the coldest air we have seen so far, this entire season, here's what i'm talking about our average high for today 46, we will stay below average through tuesday, we might see 43 isn't that bad
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, what is bad is wednesday, we are at 29 degrees, and it will feel more like the teens though when you factor in the wind. here's your forecast, brisk, cold, high temperature right around 40, keep in mind it will feel combedder then. that then you're witness weather seven day forecast, 44 on monday, 43 on tuesday and bottom drops out on wednesday, jan a high of only 29 degrees. >> chelsea, thank you. 7:18. time to see how traffic is moving along out there here's amanda mueller in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning. >> ice's a serious problem out there this morning road are mostly clear except for drifting on the secondary, however lots and lots of ice out there and hard to see, here's a wide look at the area , excuse me we are seeing speed drop, to the normal speed bit deceiving because we are not seeing too much volume put this in perspective all bridges are rye dues todd 35 miles an hour in both direction that is includes the betsy ross, walt whitman, commodore barry bridge and ben franklin bridge as well.
7:19 am
turning to the live look at 95 northbound to bartram avenue, despite conditions we have scheduled construction work this will close ramp until 2:00 this afternoon. taking a live look at blue route at 76, looking desserted for the most part which is a good sign that means everyone is staying home with the warm cup of coffee and staying away from that ice. from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm amanda mueller now back to you. take it easy, it is sunday after all. thank you. we know surviving cancer depends on early detention but too many people are still not getting screened with things like mammograms and colon oscopies. health reporter stephanie stahl has the story of a main line mom who knows the importance of life saving screenings. >> joan bradley who works at mine line health cancer center was not that shocked when she ended up being a patient, too. >> all right. two sisters who had breast cancer and i had dense breasts >> reporter: that increases her risk of having breast
7:20 am
cancer that can be hard to find with a routine mammogram. >> that abnormality is not pick up on this mammogram even though it was there. >> reporter: joan was first to go through main line health's high risk breast cancer program where an mri revealed she had cancer. >> it is early detection that gives you best outcome. >> reporter: that is what governor wolf hopes to accomplish with the proclamation encouraging everyone to get their recommended screenings for all types of cancer. part of the program includes taking a pledge to get screened where people will get a personalized list of recommended tests and townships to lower their risk. >> i wish my hair looked as cute as it did when i had the wig on. >> reporter: joan's hair is growing back after radiation and she had lump he can my and chemo. >> nobody wants to come in the cancer center but i'll tell them look, you will do fine and you will get through this well and couple people i have said i have said i did this and look at me i'm perfectly fine. >> reporter: early detection with breast cancer and other
7:21 am
malignancies has reduce by 25 percent the overall cancer death rate in the u.s. over pennsylvania 20 years. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning is your holiday shopping in the bag or, are you still waiting to start? if you are running behind don't you worry, you are not alone this season's shopping trend when "eyewitness news"
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it is just about two weeks until christmas shopping is on many peoples minds and a new survey is revealing interesting findings when it comes to the habits of the on holiday shoppers. our nicole brewer, explains. we all know it is thought that counts but when it comes to holiday gifting a budget is important too. >> overall i would say i wouldn't spend american a thousand. >> i try to keep it as low as possible. >> 600, $800. >> reporter: new survey by ndp group finds average person will spend $715. >> right in the mid there will >> reporter: same study reveals one in five over spent >> that is fact. >> every single year. >> it is easy to do. >> it is cheaper but i buy so much more. >> that could explain why 25 percent will shop sale rack s this holiday season. >> i have already bought christmas gift on groupon. >> 19 percent admit to
7:25 am
spending money on yourself. >> actually, this coat coat. >> reporter: twice as many said they would consider it. >> 60 percent self gift. >> one in three for me. >> reporter: less than three weeks until christmas 23 percent started shopping, 4 perd three in 10 will wait until last minute. >> i'm within of the three. >> reporter: nicole brewer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and when you are out there shopping, remember this, our joy of sharing toy if he is now in full swing and we invite to you take part just bring a new unwrapped toy to our studios at 1555 hamilton street, toys will be donated to children in need all across our region. you can also visit cbs fess for a complete list of toy drop off locations and, details on upcoming toy fest events all around the area. well, still to come in the next half an her on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" an accident scene, becomes a crime scene,
7:26 am
philadelphia police searched for truck and driver responsible for a deadly hit and run overnight. plus eagles nation awaits kick off during this afternoon 's game with the rams what is at stake as the teams go face-to-face, chelsea? well, chilly sunday on tap but coldest air of the season has yet to arrive it is on the way we will have details in your full forecast coming up.
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good morning i'm jan carabao, below freezing in a lot of parts of our area watch your step as you head outside the door, lets get over to meteorologist chelsea ingram with the forecast. >> so true, jan, icy spots, on this secondary roadways, bridge, overpass, watch for. that even on the sidewalks as you step outside your front door run into slick spots because snow melt yesterday and it was little bit on the slushy side and temperatures drop below freezing overnight and still below freezing. let me take to you a live look at our camera in ocean city down the shore, take a look at that winter wonderland, winter at the beach, we have got snow on the board, snow on the sand as well. let's show you temperatures,
7:30 am
29 degrees in philadelphia, and down the shore, it is in the 30's, also below freezing in atlantic city. thirty-three in wildwood. twenty-eight in millville. 28 degrees in wilmington. it feels colder when you factor in the wind chill. wilmington, philadelphia and actually feels like single digits in the lehigh valley as well as poconos where it feels more like 4 degrees out there throughout your day we will see temperatures maryland rating by noon time at 36 degrees and even at that hour it will feel like 20's brisk and chill it in the afternoon with a high of 40 degrees. we have just got to tell you watch for slick spots, chill toy day with wind chill in the 20's and 30's throughout the day and then we are tracking the coldest air of the season. i'll let you know when that is set to arrive, coming up in just a bit, new back to you. >> 7:30. we are following breaking news this morning police are looking for driver responsible for a deadly hit a run.
7:31 am
"eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at philadelphia police headquarters this morning. what is very latest. >> good morning, jan we know that a victim in her 20's was killed in the deadly hit and run, homicide detectives are looking for more information that can lead them to this driver. if you look at the video you can see investigators were on the scene overnight in kensington near frankford avenue in elkhart street, where this woman we don't necessity how she was hit but we do know driver of this car accident top after hit herring this victim is in her 20's and police are looking for any surveillance video that can help lead them to this suspect to this driver, we also know that the driver was in a older model silver ford f150 and police are looking for video, photos that can help them with this investigation. if you know anything contact the police. live at police headquarters i'm anita oh for cbs-3
7:32 am
"eyewitness news". new this morning a man is hospitalized after a staning, violence unfolded in the 5900 block of lansdowne avenue in philadelphia's overbrook section. the man was stabbed several times and taken to the hospital where he is new listed in critical condition. back to this snow, snowfall turn region in the winter wonder land so let's head down the shore and show you these scenic picture. this was the scene in ocean city snow coated area early on and how things looked at boardwalk as the snowfall became heavier. here's how things looked at cooper river park in pennsauken snow fell for several hours yesterday and we spotted a couple of people out there braving the cold and snow, they were all bundled up and here's how things looked in haddonfield camden county last night snow still falling when cameras were there still people were out enjoying the night checking out window displays, others
7:33 am
were taking care of their christmas shopping. over to the pennsylvania suburbs now, and holiday shopping may have taken a back seat to the snow yesterday. "eyewitness news" spotted a few shoppers at suburban square in ardmore montgomery county, crew where is clearing and putting down that salt in preparation for perhaps, a busier shopping day to day. over in broomall delaware county now the first snowfall of the season provided a perfect backdrop for buying a christmas tree, there is just no better decoration on a christmas tree then freshly fallen snow to dust those branches. in the city of philadelphia now folks were enjoying a wintertime activity in the wintertime atmosphere, the skating rink at dilworth park was packed with people skating on a snowy sat day. >> here we go tailgaters braved elements outside of the army navy game here in
7:34 am
philadelphia but those fans and football players alike did not seem bothered by weather, army cadets even made snow angels in the field in celebration of their victory, 14-13 over navy mid shipmen. no snow out west where philadelphia eagles take on los angeles rams today kick off time 4:25 this afternoon. it is the bird second straight match up on the west coast, after playing the seahawks last week, and rams are nine- three, while eagles are 10-two. with the win today eagles can clinch the nfc east. for the rams it is one of the most anticipated of the entire season. we will have much more coming up in this morning's sports report in just about 20 minutes. our don bellies at los angeles coliseum for the game, join him, leslie van arsdal and pat gallen for chevy sunday kick off and it air this is morning at 11:30 here at cbs-3. in other news, traffic
7:35 am
stop turned into a shoot-out in camden delaware ending with the death of the 16 year-old boy. a state trooper pulled this car over on fieldstone court early saturday morning, investigators say as he approached the car the teenager in the front passenger seat pulled out a gun. >> at which time gunfire was exchange between the trooper and that suspect. the trooper ends up shooting the suspect, he was eventually transported to an your use hospital that comes to his injuries. >> the 18 year-old driver was shot in the leg during the shoot-out, the trooper and 15 year-old in the back seat of that car were not hurt. philadelphia police continue their search for gunman who shot a 22-year old man in kensington this shooting happened around 7:00 last night outside of a corner store at e and west moreland, victim is new in critical condition at temple university hospital, shot in the stomach. police are searching for the suspect who shot a 23 year-old man several times in
7:36 am
north philadelphia this shooting happened at second and chew just after 4:00 saturday afternoon, victim is new in critical condition at einstein medical center. and gloucester township police are searching for this man, take a look investigators say settle off a smoke bomb inside a shop rite on blackwood clementon road. shoppers were evacuated from that store after the store started filling up with smoke, fortunately in one was injured , suspect was wearing a gray baseball hat with the circular logo on the front, please do call police if you recognize this man. we still have so much more to cover on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, flames marked the finally for a celebration in chester county the meaning behind the firebird festival. plus the sixers without two of their key players face a big challenge, lebron james and cavilers, that is straight ahead in sports. and watch where you walk this morning, yesterday's snow could be today's ice, chelsea
7:37 am
ingram's eyewitness weather forecast is coming up in a few
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there are slick spots just be careful heading outside, even stepping outside your door and walking, slick spots in the parking lots or sidewalks, be careful out there, take it easy, i i was excited to see pictures our weather watchers sent in, i just knew that the snow yesterday they were going to look so cool. this one is from ed, this beautiful scene, winter wonder land, didn't have much wind yesterday, we still have snow, just sitting on the tree branches on the bushes in the background, just a beautiful scene there. let me show you a few more
7:41 am
from lynn springer, look at this snow, piled up, i cannot tell a mail becomes, light powe, not exactly sure, but sun coming up on a snowy sunday. this picture she took this morning. that is just simply stunning. we will take you to another one from lynn, look at that, snowy neighborhood, cross, across her front door, looking at her neighborhood, snow on the power lines, snow on the trees, and snow on the sidewalks, and, probably some slick spots in that neighborhood as well. let me take to you another snowy scene we're looking at center city snow on the ground , even in philadelphia with a temperature right around 29 degrees. we are below freezing. slick spots possible in the city, keep that in mine, feels more like 19 factoring in the west win at 12. we had a good amount of snow in the city yesterday, 4.1 inches, that is a new record daily max snowfall for philadelphia for yesterday.
7:42 am
that beats old record, just under 3 inches that old record setback in 1942. just over 4 inches fell in the city. with that left over snow as i mentioned you have to watch out for morning slick spots. see a chilly afternoon later today and wind chills throughout the entire day will be in the 20's and 30's out there. we will warm to 40 for actual temperature and we will get a good amount of temperature as well. do i expect to see some melting of the snowfall left over out there. 29 degrees right now in philadelphia, it is 29 in millville, down the shore in the 30's. 33 degrees in wildwood. thirty in atlantic city. twenty-six in trenton. we are in the teens in the poconos and allentown but there it feels more like the single digits. feels like seven in allentown and five in the poconos. feels more like 20 in wilmington and wilmington feels like the teens. bundle up, chilly day, this isn't as cold as it will get as we head in the upcoming
7:43 am
week. we will talk about that. storm scan three shows us a quiet picture tracking lake effect snow shower well off the two north and west, we could get sneaking through poconos throughout the day-to-day maybe even a passing flurry heading in to tomorrow morning but increasing included tonight into the start of your monday and then we're tracking another system into tuesday morning. we could talk about a couple rain snow showers in the morning commute on tuesday, this is something we will be watching closely behind this system that unlocks that chilly arctic air. coldest air of the season dipping down in the region by wednesday, high temperature only in the 20's. and it will feel more like the teens out there, when you factor in the wind chill come wednesday. here's what i'm talking about. we're below average all the way through tuesday 43 degrees then. dropping down to 29 on wednesday, not much in the way of improvement on thursday with a high of 33 degrees. across the region today better than 33, 40 in philadelphia.
7:44 am
forty-two down the shore. we are looking at a high of 31 in the poconos with a chance for passing snow shower or flurry. you're witness weather seven day forecast, 44 on monday, late day cloud, developing rain or snow shower, tuesday morning, and then on wednesday we are looking at a high temperature only around 29 degrees. do you love watching weather? you can be featured in your newscast by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher. sign up now today at cbs >> jan. >> they come in handy with this winter weather, thank you time to check road and highways lets get over to amanda mueller in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> if you have been following us this morning ice's big problem and it looks like we have an overturned vehicle on the off ramp from the blue route to conshohocken. it is tough to see but vehicle on the shoulder, crews have been blocking red way on and off so slow down coming down this corner and it is
7:45 am
completely cleared. taking a wide look at your majors road are mostly clear of snow except for drifting on the secondary, however lots of ice and it is hard to see in some spots we are seeing speed drop but normal speed can be deceiving because we are just not seeing too much volume just yet to put tonight perspective all bridges are reduced, in both directions, that is what is the betsy ross , walt whitman, commodore barry and ben franklin bridge as well. finally despite conditions we still have scheduled construction work on the 95 northbound ramp to eastbound bartram avenue until 2:00 this afternoon. in the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda mueller, jan, back to you. st. joes face off in college hoops and eag also wait the cheers from fans on the west coast. here's leslie van arsdal with "eyewitness sports". it will be a showdown in los angeles eagles/rams two of the best offences hooking up this afternoon and plenty of
7:46 am
eagles fans will be there to watch. don bell tells us how eagles nation is rocking southern california. >> reporter: rams head coach sean mcveigh had his team practice a silent count all week long because he anticipates eagles fans drunk out rams in the l.a. coliseum. meanwhile eagles players, expect a big time, philly influence. >> hearing bit from the players i think sunday will be a bunch of great people in the stands. >> you hear different things throughout the week but our fans travel extremely well and fans out here, fans coming from philadelphia and should be a great atmosphere much like charger venue is smaller, and so, it impact the game a little bit more. but we're expecting a big eagles crowd and they show up and you know it will be a good environment. >> reporter: last check eagles are one point under dogs to the rams but you can expect
7:47 am
the fans to play a big time roll. in santa monica don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". sixers continue tonight against pelicans jell embiid will be back, last night he sat out between sixers and cavilers, trever booker making his debut, he came over in the jahlil okafor trade with the nets. sixers down by five ben simmons with the dunk, sixers cut lead with three, simmons 14-points, 10 assists. jared bayless to jj reddick knocks down the three but they could in the hold on they lose 105-98. to college hoops big five action, st. joes and temple second half owls up by eight, austin up for three, it is good, austin scored 20, hawks came back, newkirk goes coast to coast to score and cut the lead to four, but temple held on to beat st. joes 81-78. penn at dayton, quakers ro de hot hand, sam generals
7:48 am
hit five out of six to lead quakers to a 78-70 win over flyers. in high school football state championship game st. joes prep looking for fourth title in five years begins pine richland. they had tough time stopping the rams quarterback. notre dame recruit ran for four touchdowns and threw for another pine richland won 41- 21 so congratulations to the prep for another outstanding season. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day. we take so many photos, right but they rarely make it off our screen. how about turning them into gifts for the holidays, c-net .com vanessa oriana tells us more. >> reporter: here are three things to do with the thousands of photos collecting them on your phone. services like snap fish, let you frame your shot in minutes up load your frame worthy photos from your album or instagram feed, select, choose
7:49 am
from one of the many frame styles without leaving the app frame bridge lets you preview your creation to see how it will look on your wall and shipping is free, if you have american one shot you can turn them into a calendar. shutter fly offers you more traditional wall calendars plus other options like this calendar with inly card. up load pictures from your computer, instagram, facebook album or make it your own or keep them on your phone but in a different way by turning them into a case. it is a great option for i phone users has tons of case options to choose from and includes spec, case mate or auto box. customized with photos or text in san francisco i'm vanessa for c-net for cbs two news. well, still to come this morning on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" got room for one more this friendly energetic dog looking for a forever home. and animal advocate carroll erickson has more in the pet project when "eyewitness news" continues, we will be right
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
time for the cbs-3 pet project animal advocate carroll erickson and the spca fan friendly feed. >> i know, exactly, last time i had a pet but remember we have lots of animals at pennsylvania spca but today we want to talk about all of the things they need. i brought a few props with me like canned pumpkin and cat food. they are similarly colored in these cans so be careful what you see. do you know animal shelter
7:53 am
need that animals, there do. how about this? i'm sure you have a paper towel roll empty, they need that as well. i want to show you donations that the animals, ongoing need , in time, tax deductible donation you can make with the stuff you have just got around your house. we have pet toys, and we want them to be new. we have pet treats, pet food that is unopened, collars especially the medium sized ones paper bags larger then a lunch size paper towel rolls rolls that i told but newspaper, rope toys, food puzzles, all sorts of soft dog treats, and nyla bone for dogs , they need wet and dry food unopened kongs, stretch and scratchers, that is a thing you can put on the outside of a shelter cat's cage and they are able to stretch, scratch and they get enrichment out of.
7:54 am
that creamy peanut butter as long as it doesn't have anything in it and cat nip and cat litter and unsweetened pumpkins and just fleece, and just, they cannot take medications or that sort of thing or any of the opened food but any of the clothes, anything that you know your dog or cat would enjoy and it is new drop them off at erie avenue at their normal business hours which would be 12 to 6:00 on sunday rest of the week it fridays 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. cash is always welcome. we have a expects challenge match at pennsylvania spca a through the even of the movement donate $25, that is doubled to $50. this is an incredible way to double your gift, because, the pennsylvania spca is only down er funded. we get no government support whatsoever. we have lots of animals that need our help. speaking of which we have got some, jan, you are going to flip out, everybody at home too you will love, these
7:55 am
little kittens, they are unbelievable, and look at them , lucas and dom, they were abandoned in the front lobby of the pennsylvania spca. they went into foster care to grow big and strong. they are back. >> they are beauties. >> they are relaxing and they are looking for their forever family. they need someone to step up and say you are great. lucas and dom pennsylvania spca. this ace pope eighthly named, snowflake, beautiful cat, rescued by pennsylvania spca humane law enforcement in november of this year, we do such great work because we're the ones that help these animals out of horrendous situations. this girl is super sweet she warms up quickly, she will be just a great pet for everybody then you know i'm extraordinarily dog friendly we have a two-year old hound mix penny, healthy, energetic,
7:56 am
incredibly smart girl, she likes nothing more than to stretch her legs in the park and she's a perfect dog for also curling up, watching a movie, where these dogs, they love their exercise. >> what are you doing friday night. 4:30 to 7:00. >> i have a feeling i can do something with the spca. >> i think you can go to this event a wonderful one, this phenomenal, flyers, three and zero roll, this is another roll, this is shayne gostisbehere and he is a huge animal lover. he will be at this event at punch line and that is in fishtown on laurel, so go there 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. and look at him. he has two dogs. he is passionate about animals those are his french bulldogs, pennsylvania spca is partnering with him and he is partnering with us for this event december 15th, this upcoming friday 4:30 to 7:00 at punch line in
7:57 am
philadelphia help the animals and go meet shayne. >> any friend of an animal is a friend of mine, i like shayne. >> i love you. remember go to the sp.c. a headquarters at 350 erie avenue saturday and sunday 10 to 5:00. monday through friday one to eight and please donate. >> absolutely, if you don't have money, you may have a can of pumpkin laying around. >> absolutely. >> help them out. >> looker for the covert, thanks, carroll. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have at 8:00. no safety, carroll in at all philadelphia police reveal your winter reminder to residents and it has people talking. also ahead meet the youngest member of the pennsylvania ballet, don't miss this, she's originally from south philadelphia and coming up for a incredible story as she takes her first leading role in a holiday favorite the nut cracker. sunnies shining this morning but will it warm us up , at all, i hope, maybe chelsea's back with what you can expect today and we are
7:58 am
back in a
7:59 am
♪weee! today's the day! wahoo! there's the second-most famous groundhog in pennsylvania.
8:00 am
phew, am i late?! nah, just in time. nice. holiday scratch-offs from the pennsylvania lottery. aww. things just got very merry. keep on scratchin'! breaking news this morning a woman is struck and killed in kensington, we're live with the description of the vehicle police are now looking for involved in this deadly hit and run. a warning, after the first snowstorm, of the season moves out of our region, falling temperatures could lead to a possibility of danger on the sidewalks and roads, we will take a look. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. shouting it


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